Solar-powered towable electric bike camper includes bedroom and dinette

Bike campers were once novelties, often thrown together as simple DIY affairs, but recent models are bringing a new level of quality and professionalism to these quirky trailers. The Finnish-designed Hupi trailer is the latest offering to showcase a surprisingly high-end design.

Unlike the more common teardrop-style bike campers, the Hupi camper offers a taller design for more headroom.

Developed by inventor Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa, the camper isn’t quite tall enough to stand up, but it lets users sit at full height at a mini-desk built right into the wall.

hupi electric bike camper trailer

That mini desk and workstation is also part of the dinette, which is directly across from the bedroom. Or half of the bedroom, as the folding bed collapses out of the way when not in use. When the stars come out and the eyelids get heavy, the bed folds back out to take up the entire interior space.

The Hupi camper weighs around 150 lb (70 kg) and was designed to be pulled by an e-bike, not a typical pedal bike. It could be done by leg power alone, but any uphill stretches are going to become a slow slog. To help keep the e-bike charged up, an optional electrical system can be installed in the RV. It consists of up to 250W of roof-mounted solar panels, as well as an onboard battery and an inverter to power on-board electronics like interior/exterior lighting and a micro-fridge. The solar panels can also provide power to charge the e-bike’s battery during stops.

For anyone wanting to max out the accessory list, a fully decked out camper trailer can include a propane stove, a portable grill, a skylight for stargazing, and even a TV.

What does something like this cost? It isn’t cheap, starting at around €5,990 (approximately $6,700 USD). If you don’t have an e-bike to pull the trailer, then the company is happy to sell you one, too (complete with pre-installed tow hitch, of course!).

Those looking for a cheaper option than this will be hard-pressed to find one.

There are other e-bike campers and bicycle-towed tear drop trailers, but many have been either one off productions or haven’t yet made it to full production.

hupi electric bike camper trailer

via: New Atlas, Momentum Mag

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