QuietKat launches full-suspension electric moped with 2-speed motor

QuietKat, widely known as a largely outdoorsman’s e-bike brand for hunters and other off-road riders, is taking its powerful e-bike design to the pavement with the new QuietKat Lynx electric moped.

The QuietKat Lynx is technically an electric bicycle, at least in that it features functional pedals and uses mostly standard bicycle components.

But with its 1,000W motor and self-described “café moto style,” it pushes itself more into electric moped territory.

That rear hub motor is a two-speed model, and it gets mounted in a rear swingarm offering a full-suspension setup for the bike. The design is meant to allow the QuietKat Lynx to handle the asphalt just as well as the trails.

As the company explained:

The Lynx establishes a new category for QuietKat, as it takes its proven off-road capabilities and blends it with a café moto style in a fun and powerful ride that is aimed for the discerning user who demands the latest technology and a premium ride. Able to tear up the road in style, then go further when the pavement ends, the Lynx is a fully capable off-road technical machine that can tackle the roughest terrain.

We don’t yet have full tech specs, meaning key figures like battery capacity and top speed remain a mystery. But the company has shared several features that will come with the bike, including dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, fenders, rear rack, LED lighting, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth as well as cellular connection in the bike.

The Lynx will also feature 24″ x 4.5″ tires, giving the bike a slightly smaller diameter wheel than many full-size fat-tire e-bikes but a wider contact patch for nimbler handling and improved traction.

That non-adjustable moto-style saddle will apparently be made with synthetic leather, which should be music to the ears of the many vegan customers that this hunting e-bike brand surely caters to.

The QuietKat Lynx has an estimated price of US $4,000 and is expected to be released later this summer. We’ll likely hear more about the final tech specs closer to the bike’s public release.

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