More than just scooters, Razor launches electric moped style e-bike for adults

Razor is back with yet another electric two-wheeler for adults, though this time it comes in the form of a slick-looking moped-style e-bike. The Razor Rambler 20 was just announced today, adding a larger format e-bike to the existing Razor Rambler line.

Don’t call it a SUPER73… even though it looks like it. This is the Razor Rambler 20, which draws on retro styling combined with 20″ fat tires to create a fun e-bike for adults.

According to the company, the new ride “pairs a retro-inspired mint and chocolate-colored frame with oversized balloon tires and a padded bench seat, to deliver a comfortable commute around town, across campus, or along the coast.”

Despite Razor’s prowess in the scooter industry, the Rambler 20 is anything but a scooter. Its functional pedals and 20 mph (32 km/h) top speed land it solidly in the Class 2 e-bike designation.

A 500W rear hub motor is activated by five different levels of pedal assist for riding at relaxing lower speeds or pedaling right up to that 20 mph limit, depending on the rider’s mood.

The bike’s li-ion battery is said to be enough for 16.6 miles (26.7 km) of range per charge.

Also included on the Rambler 20 are front and rear mechanical disc brakes, an LED headlight and taillight for increased rider visibility, and a dashboard display that shows speed, battery life, and power level.

The Razor Rambler 20 is available from BestBuy (both online and physical stores) for $999.

razor rambler 20

Until now, Rambler fans had to be content with the Razor Rambler 12 and Rambler 16, whose lower speeds and power levels left them geared toward youth riders.

But as Razor’s vice president of design and development Ian Desberg explained, the Rambler 20 was designed to bring those same fun vibes to Razor’s adult customers:

Rambler 20 is a thrilling extension of our product portfolio. It follows the successful introductions of the smaller Rambler 12 and Rambler 16 for kids and teens. The addition of the new adult model reflects Razor’s desire to get the whole family moving and playing together. But we’ve not only made the Rambler 20 larger, we’ve also given adults the option to pedal, engage an electric pedal assist, or to rely completely on the electric motor. This is a smart, versatile, long-range electric bike that keeps maintenance to a minimum while being a blast to ride.

In fact, Razor actually has several products designed for adults. Electrek readers might remember that in recent months I’ve tested both the Icon retro-styled standing scooter and the EcoSmart Cargo seated scooter. Razor also offers two other adult-focused rides with the Crazy Cart XL and Dirt Quad 500.

Electrek’s Take

It’s fun to see Razor expand its adult lineup, largely because I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I’ve outgrown children’s toys at this point… even if I won’t admit it out loud.

The Rambler 20 looks pretty darn awesome. There’s nothing incredibly innovative, though I do love those bullet-style headlights and tail lights.

The 500W motor and 36V system don’t scream “high power,” but they’re probably fine for casual cruising and recreational riding. I don’t think anyone expects this bike to compete with SUPER73 on power or performance.

I’m looking forward to testing it out to see how the bike handles and performs, especially considering the budget $999 price.

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