Evelo Atlas Review: Nigh Unto Perfect

The Evelo Atlas is a remarkable electric bike that hits every target for urban exploration, commuting, and long-distance trekking. The Atlas is a well-integrated and intuitive ride with amazing build quality that speaks to seasoned and new cyclists alike. The Atlas is so good at its purpose that the only way to get more quality is to pay an extra $3,000 or more for a quasi-custom import.

Evelo Atlas Key Specs:

  • Motor: Bafang M600
  • Drive: Gates Carbon Belt
  • Gearing: Enviolo Manual Step-Less Gearing (NuVinci)
  • Engagement: Torque Pedal Assist, Throttle
  • Battery: 48v 15Ah
  • Upgrade: Optional 48v 14.5ah 2nd Battery/Rack/Light Combo ($799)
  • Frame: Step-Over, Hard Tail
  • Shock: Zoom 100mm Travel Air
  • Tires: 27.5 x 2.8 Schwalbe Super Moto-X
  • Brakes: Dual Piston Hydraulic 180mm Disc, 160mm Rear
  • Price: MSRP $4,699 (Periodic Sales)
  • Extras: Integrated Front/Rear Lights, Brake Light Function, Full Color Display, Full Coverage Plastic Fenders, Comfort Grips, Comfort Pedals (for what it’s worth)

Evelo Atlas Power Delivery

One key feature that sets the Evelo Atlas apart is the pedal power. With a clever combination of key components, the Atlas is intuitive, smooth, and immensely powerful. The power comes from the Bafang M600, which is known for its smooth and quiet operation. It rivals the top motor systems from Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha, and it provides a natural-feeling boost to your pedaling.  

Along with the smoothness, the M600 goes on where the name brands leave off. Other motors are rated for 250w of power, pumping out around 80nm of torque, but the M600 on the Atlas cranks out 500w and 120nm of torque. Also available with phenomenal cosmic power, the Atlas includes throttle capability as well. This kind of power and flexibility gives the rider complete control of a system that has many other surprises.

Evelo Atlas Belt Drive

Between the motor and the gearing stretches a gates carbon belt drive, the single most important spec that makes a bike feel incredible. At Electrek, we’re big fans of belt drive bikes, and here’s why: Belt drives are smoother to pedal, quieter, require far less maintenance, are more efficient during the lifetime, and house no grease or oil to gunk things up. Especially on electric bikes with high torque, like the Atlas, belt drives make for an amazing experience.

Evelo Atlas Gears

That amazing motor and belt have to drive something amazing, and they do: the Enviolo step-less internal hub. In yesteryears, this was called the NuVinci geared hub, but after being bought out, optimized, and given a name that more clearly represents the use, this step-less hub is simply perfect. Being able to twist the selector on the handlebars and change between “gears” without indexing, stepping, or ‘chunking’ through is so easy to ride with. Using this hub, any rider, new or old, can pick it up instantly. No learning curve at all.

Being able to change “gears” at a stop light or under pedaling load takes the worry and stress out of figuring out the right gear or preparing for stops. Combined with the throttle power to always be ready to get the bike moving, it’s very easy to recommend this combination of equipment to any rider.

Evelo Atlas Battery

The core elements of the Atlas (motor, internal hub, and belt) make up such a great package that committing to and staying on a ride is incredibly easy. The Atlas incorporates a 48 V 15 Ah Samsung battery, locked internally into the frame of the bike. With the standard equipment, this would probably see 30 to 60 miles of range. Evelo also offers an optional second battery/rack combo that almost doubles the range with a 48v 14.5ah slide-in pack. The rack is plug-and-play, with only two connectors and four bolts screwing directly into the bike frame.

Evelo Atlas Parts

Quality of life on the Atlas is no slouch either, having full-coverage fenders, a full-color display, comfort pedals and grips, and front/rear integrated lights with brake light functionality. The wide Super Moto-X tires give great comfort for an otherwise stiff bike, and the puncture protection is one of the best in a pneumatic tube/tire set. As a hardtail bike with a fairly stiff saddle, I’m going to bet that Evelo is anticipating customers tailoring the bike ride to suit their backsides.

Evelo Atlas Customizations

A comfortable saddle and a suspension seatpost would be top of my list for recommendations. You can source them on your own from the internet, shop locally, or get compatible parts from Evelo directly. Evelo has an accessory line that covers the basics of what shoppers are looking for, which is very handy for a one-and-done order.

The looks on the Atlas will certainly have wide appeal, as the minimalist black aesthetic can complement almost any use. My personal taste is wilder, and some reflective stickers would add visibility and flavor. Surprisingly, the Atlas does not have reflective stripes or any other visibility cues outside the integrated lights.

Electrek’s Take

Aside from a few custom points, the Evelo Atlas is perfect for urban exploration and commuting. Long-distance trekking and paved trail riding are also no match for the Atlas. With different tires, the Atlas would be an amazing commuter in the snow and could even handle some off-road.

For a tailor-built bike in the North American market, it’s hard to find a competitor to the Atlas (or even Evelo). European bikes are also great but often carry high prices and low-power motors. Chinese bikes can offer huge batteries or wildly high output but lack the refinement of a quality build. Evelo fits right in the sweet spot.

The Atlas’ MSRP of $4,699 is not a steep price considering the quality, durability, power output, and delightful usability. When the bike is on sale (as it is at the time of writing), it drives a hard bargain. If the price and purpose are right for you, I would easily recommend the Evelo Atlas. It’s really, really good.

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