Electric Bike Company unveils low-cost US-built 28 mph moto-style e-bike

Newport Beach, California-based Electric Bike Company has just launched its newest e-bike, the Model J. Not only does it come with some impressive specs, but the introductory pricing borders on unbelievable.

The 28 mph e-bike (unlockable from the 20 mph factory setting) takes on a SUPER73-style minibike design scheme that has become common in the industry lately. It’s a popular frame style among younger riders, offering motorcycle vibes in an e-bike package.

It may be a popular format, but what isn’t as common is the extreme customization opportunity available on the Electric Bike Company Model J. Thanks to its California-based production, literally almost every single area of the bikes can be customized to each customer’s preferences.

Let’s start with the parts that remain standard though, because there are fewer of those.

All of the Model J e-bikes come with the same hydroformed aluminum frame, rear hub motor (with 10-year warranty), dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear LED lights with an auto-on feature when the sun goes down, LCD color display with USB charger, and stainless-steel rust-free hardware throughout.

From there, the rest of the bike is customizable.

There are three 48V batteries options to choose from: 14Ah (672Wh), 28Ah (1,344Wh), and 42Ah (2,016Wh). Those three batteries options offer maximum ranges on pedal assist of 65 miles (104 km), 130 miles (208 km), and 195 miles (314 km). All of the batteries come with a five-year warranty.

For those making use of that pedal assist, a torque sensor is available as an optional upgrade to offer a nicer pedal assist experience. For everyone else relying mostly on the throttle to zip around, you’ll be able to choose between a thumb throttle or a half-twist throttle.

The handlebars supporting those throttle options are customizable as well, with riders having the option between normal BMX-style bars or even higher ape-hanger bars like you’d find on a classic chopper. Riders can choose between either rubber bar end grips or hand-stitched vegan leather, as well as either silver or black handlebars.

Continuing down the bike, the 24″ wheels are rocking 3″ wide tires that thread the needle between nimbleness and comfort. Speaking of needles, they’re also puncture-resistant e-bike tires with the option of either brown or black sidewalls.

The standard front fork on the Model J is rigid, but riders have the option of selecting an 80mm-travel suspension fork with adjustable preload and hydraulic lockout.

On the rear, a choice of either a single-speed or 7-speed drivetrain lets riders dial in just how much pedal control they want.

I’m having too much fun with the online customizer

Other optional upgrades include a rear rack with MIK compatibility for mounting cargo accessories, an anti-theft alarm, and a lighting kit that adds high/low beams, turn signals, brake lights, and horn.

And that option list doesn’t even include the color choices. Not only can you choose between different colors for components, like black/brown saddles and black/silver rims and handlebars, but you can also customize the paint color. The three base colors of white, black, and red are complemented by another 40 (yes, forty) paint color options including a number of interesting metallic paint options to really make the Model J shine.

That’s because Electric Bike Company built its own extensive painting facility, allowing it to customize each bike, including separate colors on all of the components such as the fork, chain guard, basket, etc. The company even has its own helmets with built-in front/rear LED lights and that can be custom painted to match the bike. Even the helmets have multiple customization options beyond just the shell color, like different trim and strap colors.

I tried my hand at EBC’s bike customization wizard on the site and designed the custom Model J below with semi-matching helmet, though my wife will tell you that I don’t have much of an eye for aesthetics. I should probably let her design one instead if I really want it to look good.

electric bike company model j customization

As impressive as all of these customization options are, the biggest shocker here is likely the price. The Model J will come with an MSRP of $1,499, but is now available for pre-order at just $1,199 with a five- to six-week wait for delivery. Even without the promotion, $1,499 is a very fair price. But at $1,199, that makes this bike a steal.

Of course keep in mind that several of the options listed above are paid upgrades. For example, the torque sensor will run you an extra $99, while custom paint jobs on the frame can be an extra $299.

Because the bikes are built locally in California, they are packaged fully assembled so that riders only need to open the box and ride. That means they sometimes require a larger delivery truck, but that also prevents your local UPS driver from just slowing down to kick the box out the back of the van, which seems to be the delivery method of choice in my neighborhood.

I’ve tested several e-bikes from EBC, as well as visited the company’s Newport Beach factories to see how they build and package their e-bikes first hand. It’s frankly inspiring to see so many local Californians lacing motors into wheels, painting frames, wiring e-bikes, assembling batteries, and performing every other step of the process that we normally associate with nameless overseas factories.

We’ll be sure to report back as soon as we can get our hands on one of these new Model J e-bikes to let you know how it rides. But from the specs as well as from my own experience with other EBC e-bikes, the bar is set pretty high on this one.

You can check out my EBC factory tour video below.

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