E-bike maker Cowboy goes Dutch with new comfort electric bike model

Which e-bike company has an American name, is based in Belgium, and just unveiled a Dutch-inspired e-bike? If you guessed Cowboy, then, well that’s not really all that impressive because it was in the headline. But don’t worry, you still get to checkout the brand’s newest e-bike in all of its comfort-riding glory. Meet the new Cowboy Cruiser electric bike.

The new Cowboy Cruiser is claimed to draw heavily on Dutch inspirations thanks to its more comfortable and upright riding position.

Belgium isn’t too far from the Netherlands, but despite sharing a border, the Dutch-styled comfort bike had yet to hop the border into Cowboy’s lineup. At least that was until now, as the new Cowboy Cruiser takes a much more relaxed focus than previous commuter-style e-bikes from the company.

According to Cowboy, “The new e-bike was developed following feedback from within Cowboy’s urban rider community, who had requested a more upright  ‘Dutch’ riding position for improved posture and increased visibility on the road.”

cowboy cruiser

Don’t expect motor power over 250W or speeds over 25 km/h – these are still European e-bikes and have to play by European rules. But what you will see are a number of modifications to the classic Cowboy design that put a major focus on rider ergonomics.

Several updates to previous Cowboy e-bike models include new comfort grips on a raised and curved handlebar to provide a more natural hand position, a wider saddle with larger seating surface for extra comfort, and an increased gear ratio for “a more relaxing ride.”

As Cowboy’s design director Richard Bone explained:

With the e-bike market set to reach $119 billion by 2030 and with more people realizing the economical, environmental and health benefits of cycling, there are increasing numbers of new urban riders with different needs. At Cowboy, we are focused on addressing those needs as we focus on rider-centric innovation; developing e-bikes and software in line with what our riders actually need, not just innovating for innovation’s sake.

This thinking is also behind our renaming strategy, making it easier and clearer for customers to purchase the model that’s perfect for them. We are determined to increase the adoption of cycling by as many people as possible.

The bike weighs just 19.3 kg (42.5 lb.) and includes a wireless charging phone mount in the cockpit
that always access to the Cowboy app. The bike’s removable battery and carbon belt drive help set it apart from several other urban e-bikes, and the puncture resistance 47 mm custom tires with included mudguards give the bike a bit more rubber on the ground for more comfort as well as some added weather protection on wet or muddy roads.

The new Cowboy Cruiser is set to debut at an introductory price of £2,690 (€3,130 or US $3,416) and comes in two color options of Black or Sand.

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