Xtracycle’s new off-road electric cargo bike can carry up to 3 passengers

The Xtracycle Stoker has just been unveiling, offering a new off-road electric cargo bike for anyone who has ever said, “I’ve got a lot of stuff and/or humans to carry, but I also have to keep going when the road ends.”

Though it’s not just for hauling stuff – the Xtracycle Stoker can carry passengers as well. If their rear ends are small enough, the stretched rear rack is apparently capable of holding up to three passengers.

That long rear rack is designed to do pull double duty as both a cargo platform and a kid carrier. Depending on which accessories you deck it out with, the bike looks ready to excel at either job.

That’s a move we’ve been seeing a lot of lately – cargo e-bikes designed to carry both kids and cargo – sometimes simultaneously. But what we haven’t seen very often is a cargo e-bike that can perform that job even off-road.

Keep in mind though that the Xtracycle Stoker is not purely an off-road cargo bike. As the company explains, it can handle the pavement just as well:

The Xtracycle Stoker is built for the for the adventurous spirit who wants a ride that tackles trails just as well as it maneuvers in the city. The classic diamond frame-inspired geometry and forward riding position means seasoned riders will feel right at home piloting this go-anywhere, take-anything electric cargo bike.

xtracycle stoker electric cargo bike
I checked but I don’t see the towing capacity listed

The bike features 24×2.4″ tires, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and a chromoly steel frame rated for 400 lb (181 kg) of payload. Assuming a 200 lb rider, that leaves another couple hundred pounds to be divided up between 1-3 rear passengers. And climbing up a hill while loaded down with kids or cargo shouldn’t be too difficult. The SRAM NX11 rear derailleur includes a clutch and offers precise, quick shifts to make hill climbing a breeze.

The Xtracycle Stoker features a Shimano STEPS EP-8 motor that is paired with a 630Wh battery. That battery is said to offer a range of between 30-60 miles (48-96 km). With a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and no throttle (pedal assist only), it is classified as a Class 1 electric bike, and thus has the most access to trails and riding areas.

Priced at $4,999, the Xtracycle Stoker can ship either fully-assembled or more compactly for home-assembly.

Electrek’s Take

I dig it. Cargo e-bikes are awesome in any shape or form, but ones designed for many passengers or off-road riding (or both) get extra props from me.

I’ll imagine you’re asking how this can be an off-road e-bike if it doesn’t have suspension. Oh my, aren’t we a bit privileged today? You might not know about this (and to be fair it was before my time), but mountain bikes didn’t used to have suspension. In fact, the first suspension forks were a marvel of bicycle engineering and the first full-suspension mountain bikes were once a luxury unobtainable by the common man. Before our butts were as pampered as they are today, riders of yesteryear hit those rocks and tree roots with nothing but a steel frame and some under-inflated rubber beneath them.

Besides, the Xtracycle Stoker has other off-road ready features like they overspec’d brakes, upgraded thru-axle on the fork and chromoly frame for a more rugged and long-lasting build.

I’m not about to take it off any sweet jumps myself, but it looks like it could grab some air and not even care.

xtracycle stoker electric cargo bike

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