This off-roading electric bike can go 200 miles and uses an electric car charger

Watt Wagons, a US-based manufacturer of high-power and high-end electric bicycles, has a new model designed for serious off-roaders and adventurers. In fact, the Watt Wagon HOUND has several keys specs that sound almost foreign in the electric bicycle industry, such as a 200-mile range and built-in chargers compatible with electric car charging stations.

The Watt Wagon HOUND is actually available in two models, the base model and the “Supercharged” model.

They share the same custom-developed frame that looks to be optimized for utility riding with an extra-long rear rack and features a fairly upright seating posture. The frame mounts a powerful mid-drive motor, a big battery, ultra-fat tires in 26″ x 4.7″ size, and quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

But just how big and powerful the motor and battery are will depend on the model.

The base level HOUND has a respectable 52V 17Ah battery with 884 Wh of capacity. That will offer a real-world throttle range of 30 miles (51 km) and a pedal assist range of 80 miles (130 km), according to the company.

But upgrading to the Supercharged model lands you a massive 52V 60Ah battery with 3,210 Wh of capacity. The company claims you’ll get 100 solid miles (160 km) on throttle-only riding or 200 miles (320 km) on pedal assist.

And not only do you get a massive battery, but you also get both a 52V 5A fast charger and an EV charger with a J1772 connector, giving you multiple options for quickly recharging that big battery.

At those levels, it rivals several other e-bikes that claim to be the longest-range models in the world.

When it comes to motors, there’s a similar disparity. The base model comes with a Bafang Ultra motor, which is already a highly respected drivetrain offering 1,000W of power.

But the Supercharged version of the Watt Wagon HOUND comes with an upgraded Bafang Ultra that replaces its stock controller with an X1 controller. That increases the power to 3 kW nominal and 3.5 kW peak.

If that doesn’t sound quite street-legal to you, then you’re not wrong. But the 750W power limit for e-bikes in the US only applies to use on public roads and cycleways, not off-roading. And that’s exactly the type of adventure riding that the HOUND was designed for.

As the company explained:

Built after extensive consultation with serious campers and hunters, the HOUND is the ultimate beast in the woods. With a super stable ground up design geared towards storage and hauling capabilities, belt drive to reduce impact of elements, the HOUND is a platform that enables almost every thinkable accessory for your adventure.

watt wagon hound

As you can imagine, a high-power and extremely long-range electric bike built by a US company isn’t going to come cheap. The base HOUND starts at US $5,499.

Upgrading to the Supercharged version also comes with a supercharged price of US $7,999.

Shipping is expected to begin sometime this month, so at least you won’t have to wait too long to set out on a 200-mile electric bike adventure ride.

What do you think of the new Watt Wagon HOUND? Is it the next big thing in e-bikes, or a bit too rich for your blood? Or both? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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