Juiced unveils new Scorpion X2 electric moped, slashes prices

San Diego-based e-bike company Juiced is preparing to launch its latest electric bike, the Juiced Scorpion X2. This will mark a triumphant return for the popular electric moped-style bike.

Earlier this year we reported on the legal battles over trademarks related to Juiced’s HyperScorpion electric moped-style e-bike line that caused the company to sunset those models.

At the time, Juiced confirmed that we hadn’t seen the last of the Scorpions, but rather that they’d be back better than ever and with a new name.

Now, one consonant and one numeral later, say hello to the Juiced Scorpion X2!

juiced scorpion x2

Of course, there’s more to the new models than just the name.

The moped-style step-through electric bikes come with a similar-looking frame to the original, but now feature an upgraded 1,000W motor. That’s 25% more nominal power than the original Juiced Scorpion X featured upon its unveiling. A 52V and 15Ah battery pack is said to give up to 55 miles (88 km) of range, though of course that’s with the rider pedaling as well.

Just like the original, a rack and fender package will be included with the Juiced Scorpion X2 as standard equipment, though now there appears to be a new red colorway offered in addition to the original blue and black options.

All-terrain knobby tires will also be offered, though that move seems a bit odd considering most riders use the Juiced Scorpion for urban commuting. That’s exactly how I used it during my review of the model.

Pre-orders for the new Scorpion X2 will open next week on September 6, though the price has yet to be announced.

We’re still waiting on a few other specs to be announced, though it’s highly likely that many of the performance figures like the 28 mph (45 km/h) will return in the Scorpion X2 as well.

The announcement comes at a time when Juiced is currently running some amazing sales with slashed prices on some of its most popular models of e-bikes.

One of my favorites is the RipRacer, which is a smaller-format e-bike that combines impressive power in a maneuverable package. This Class 3 e-bike can hit 28 mph (45 km/) and is marked down to just $999 from its $1,499 MSRP.

If you’re looking for something with more power and features, you can actually still get one of Juiced’s last few remaining HyperScorpions, normally priced at $2,499, but now marked down to just $1,899. Considering that model has been phased out (but will of course still be supported by the company), it could be a good chance to snag a rare e-bike. Who knows, maybe one day it will become a collector’s item!

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