Greenworks unveils new e-bikes, go-karts and e-UTV that run on power tool batteries

Earlier this year we saw a teaser from Greenworks that showed off a few transportation vehicles that could be powered by the company’s power tool batteries. Now we’re getting our first look at several of those new models from the electric power tool maker, including diverse options like go-karts, bikes and even a UTV.

Greenworks is better known for its tool line that spans everything from building tools to lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and more.

Many of those tools use the company’s powerful 60V and 80V batteries, which could also work well for electric micromobility vehicles like e-bikes, scooters, and more.

That appears to be just what Greenworks has in mind based on its latest unveiling.

The wide range of vehicles includes a go-kart, minibike, three e-bikes, an e-scooter, and an electric UTV.

As President of Greenworks North America explained, the new line is designed to offer transportation options for the entire family:

“Our e-transportation product line is an exciting evolution for Greenworks. We’ve taken our best-in-class battery technology and created a line of sustainable adventure products the whole family can enjoy together. We want to encourage consumers to go green, get active, and feel good doing it.”

The Greenworks 60-Volt Two-Seat Electric Stealth Series Go-Kart is described as an eco-friendly mode of transport ideal for neighborhoods, forests, trails, and gravel roads.

It features a pair of brushless rear hub motors totaling 3,000 watts that help it hit speeds of 25 mph (40 km/h) in sport mode or 15 mph (25 km/h) in eco mode. Its twin 60V 8.0Ah batteries allow for a 20 mile (32 km) range on a charge, and it comes with a speedy dual-port charger.

The go-kart includes a steel frame and cushioned roll cage bars designed for both safety and longevity. The kart also includes both front and rear braking, Bluetooth speakers for entertainment, and front and rear LED lights for visibility. The two-seater can support up to 275 pounds (125 kg). It’s unclear how tall (or short) you have to be to ride, but the promo photos appear to show children. You better believe I’m going to try to squeeze my 5’7″ (170 cm) frame into it though.

The kart is priced at US $1,999 and is already available on Tractor Supply’s website or directly from Greeworks’ own site. An 80-volt variant will launch in early 2024.

The Greenworks 60-Volt 19″ Electric Stealth Series Minibike is claimed to offer 40% more power and speed than its gasoline counterparts, plus comes with the hassle of noise, heat, and maintenance.

The company says it is perfect for riding through diverse terrains like gravel, mud, and grass. The electric minibike starts effortlessly with a push button and uses a rear hub motor to achieve speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h) in sport mode and 20 mph (32 km/h) in eco mode.

There’s no height indication on this one either, but at least the photos show an adult woman riding it with apparent ease.

greenworks minibike

Equipped with two 60V 8.0Ah batteries, it promises a 20-mile (32 km) range and recharges within 90 minutes. The minibike should be fairly comfortable thanks to front and rear suspension as well as its 19″ fat tires. For stoppers, the minibike comes with hydraulic disc brakes.

The bike has an IPX4 weather-resistant rating and steel frame designed for longevity. It features integrated Bluetooth speakers for entertainment and sports a multi-mode headlight, rear tail light, and side reflectors. The 220 pounds (100 kg) capacity bike has just debuted at both Tractor Supply and directly from Greenworks for US $1,499.

An upgraded 80-volt version is slated for release in early 2024.

The Greenworks 80-Volt 20″ Fat Tire Utility Electric Bike claims to effortlessly transition between roads and trails thanks to its full-suspension system and 20″ x 4″ fat tires. The bike is built on an aluminum frame and features a brushless rear hub motor that can reach speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h). The drivetrain includes a 7-speed shifter and three pedal-assist modes.

With the provided 80-volt 4.0Ah battery, the Class 2 e-bike has a 20-mile (32 km/h) range or 50-minute run time (presumably whichever comes first), and is said to recharge in just 40 minutes – which seems suspiciously fast.

It’s equipped with an LED headlight, LED taillight, and side reflectors for visibility. The bike is designed to support riders weighing up to 300 pounds (135 kg), and is set for release in early 2024.

Greenworks also unveiled two other e-bikes, including a fat tire adventure-style electric bike and a commuter style e-bike. Both feature only front suspension but otherwise have fairly similar specs to the full suspension fat tire utility e-bike. Those two models will also become available in 2024.

A new electric scooter was also unveiled, featuring a small 350W hub motor and a pair of 24V 4.0 Ah batteries.

The scooter can hit a top speed of 18 mph (30 km/h) and offers a maximum range of 14 miles (22 km) per charge of the two batteries. When they’re depleted, the batteries can be recharged in 2 hours.

The folding scooter supports riders up to 265 pounds (120 kg) and will become available in 2024.

Perhaps the most impressive of all the new vehicles unveiled by Greenworks is the new 60-Volt Electric Utility Task Vehicle (UTV).

The UTV is said to be designed to travel up to 20 miles (32 km) per charge of its six 60V 8.0Ah batteries. That’s a total of 2.88 kWh of stored energy across the six tool batteries.

The two-seater UTV reaches speeds of 15 mph (25 km/h) and boasts a carrying capacity of 550 pounds (250 kg) in its electric dump bed, with an additional towing capacity of 500 pounds (226 kg).

Its large turf tires and 8.5-inch ground clearance are said to ensure smooth navigation across rugged landscapes. For safety, it features a rollover protection mechanism. And of course it comes complete with a pair of cup holders.

The UTV is set to hit the market in – you guessed it – early 2024. We don’t have a price yet, but we do know that Greenworks will offer a tool-only package, meaning you can save some serious dough if you already happen to have six 60V 8.0Ah Greenworks batteries laying around from your other tools (or your other e-bikes).

Electrek’s Take

This is awesome news. I was already excited about EGO’s electric minibike that runs off of power tool batteries, but Greenworks has blown them out of the water with a similar minibike that is already ready to ship plus a pile of other electric vehicles in various stages of readiness for market.

I definitely need to get on, in or behind each of these for serious playing reviewing.

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