Gazelle Eclipse launched as new comfort-trekking electric bike with GPS theft-tracker

Royal Dutch Gazelle, the Netherlands-based bicycle manufacturer so acclaimed that the company has been granted Royal status by the Dutch monarchy, has just released its newest e-bike. The Gazelle Eclipse intends to set new standards for comfortable, accessible long-range e-biking far outside of the city.

The Eclipse is a bit of a category breaker, but I’d probably classify it most closely as a comfort-oriented trekking e-bike.

It seems to draw on Gazelle’s Dutch heritage by emphasizing a comfortable geometry that puts the rider in a more upright, relaxed riding position compared to a somewhat more traditional forward-tucked position.

The Gazelle Eclipse frame design has somehow managed to stuff in a large 750Wh battery meant for extra-long-range riding. And by integrating the battery into the frame’s downtube while maintaining a removable battery design, the bike leaves more room for bike bags and other gear needed on longer biking adventures.

gazelle eclipse e-bike

The bike comes in two models, the Gazelle Eclipse T11 HMB and Eclipse C380 HMB. The two mostly differ in the drivetrain. The former includes a Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur with 11 gears, while the latter features an Enviolo internally geared CVT with step-less gear shifting within a 380% gear range.

The C380 HMB model also benefits from a Gates Carbon Drive belt, which is quieter and smoother than a chain drive, not to mention lasts longer without requiring any maintenance.

Internally geared rear hubs are more common in traditional Dutch bikes due to their lower maintenance design, while rear derailleurs have proven more popular in the North American market. With both options available, Gazelle is giving riders the most choice in their drivetrains.

Another Dutch-style feature of the Eclipse is the included rear frame lock. These are a common sight on nearly every bicycle in the Netherlands and are a quick way to immobilize the bike (though are often combined with a second lock for securing the bike to a fixed rack, tree, or fence).

gazelle eclipse e-bike

The rest of the Gazelle Eclipse seems to draw from a more touring/trekking inspiration. The bike features Bosch’s most powerful motor, the Performance Line CX mid-drive, which offers up to 85 Nm of torque and can shred just about any hill. That drive is paired with the Bosch Kiox 300 display, which features more options than Bosch’s simpler e-bike display, such as built-in navigation. That’s ideal for when your trekking excursions push further out than you had planned and you need a bit of direction to find your way back.

The bike’s 75 mm travel suspension fork combines with 60 mm wide tires to offer a better ride and handling that performs well both on the tarmac as well as off the proverbial beaten trail.

Gazelle’s adjustable V-shape stem helps riders dial in the handlebar placement exactly where they want it for ultimate comfort, which also helps adjust the bike’s geometry between a slightly more sporty/aggressive posture and a more upright/relaxed stance. A built-in rear rack, tire-hugging fenders, and full LED lighting round out the list of included accessories designed to make the bike as functional as it is attractive.

gazelle eclipse e-bike

Both models of the Gazelle Eclipse come with a built-in GPS tracker that should allow riders to locate a bike if it becomes stolen.

A free year of insurance is also included, which provides professional services to locate and return the e-bike if it is stolen. In 80% of cases, the team has been able to quickly return stolen bikes. But when they can’t, the insurance covers a replacement Eclipse.

The Eclipse C380 is launching at €5,499, while the T11 HMB is slightly pricier at €5,999. The bikes are available in sizes S through XL.

Both models are available in multiple colors and come in a high-step as well as a step-through frame design.

Electrek’s Take

I’m very excited about this one! Sure, it’s pricey. But this isn’t some budget-minded direct-to-consumer e-bike. This is a European-made high-end electric bike with premium components, massive Bosch battery, and powerful Bosch drivetrain. When you consider the included GPS and insurance, there’s a lot of value here.

European e-bike makers have long focused on this more premium segment, partly because Europeans appreciate higher-quality bikes since they tend to ride them much more frequently. So it will be interesting to see how it is received in the US market. But having traveled to the Netherlands myself earlier this year to visit Gazelle’s factory and test their bikes like a true Dutch cyclist, I came away with a keen awareness of just what makes these high-quality bikes so special. The performance is one aspect, but the build quality and attention to detail is the real differentiator here. Coming from a culture where bikes are primary vehicles, Gazelle knows what it’s doing and has demonstrated it time and again.

In fact, check out my video below to see just what it’s like to ride a Gazelle bike in the cycling capital of the world.

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